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DXP - Junior Series. 5 Piece KitDXP - Junior Series. 5 Piece Kit
DXP 10" Djembe ABS
DXP Bass Drum Pedal 350 Series
DXP Double Bass Drum Pedal
DXP Drum Mute Pad Set. Fusion Size
DXP Drum Mute Pad Set. Rock SizeDXP Drum Mute Pad Set. Rock Size
Save $50
DXP Drumkit Rock Package
DXP Heavy Duty Snare Stand
DXP Junior Drum Outfit
DXP Marching Snare Drum
DXP Medium Weight Hi-Hat Stand
Save $50
DXP Octobans Set of 4 - Black
Save $20
DXP Roto Tom Set
DXP Value Pack Stick bag and Sticks

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