At Music Mart we offer singing lessons in Perth, at the Hills School of Music Midland. Our tutors all have Working With Children cards, and cover most styles and levels. All our lessons are one-to-one, so that the tutor can move at the student’s pace. By arrangement, we can prepare you for examinations. To learn more about Music Mart singing lessons, or to book a lesson, Call: 08 9274 1714 or contact us via email enquiry

Your voice is the only musical instrument that you take with you everywhere. It’s also the only musical instrument that is forever invisible. At the same time, a singer’s voice is not confined to the vocal cords, but comprises large parts of the rest of their body, including the chest, facial bones and sinuses, meaning that what the singer hears may be very different from what the audience hears. So giving expert singing lessons is a very special skill, one which Perth’s Music Mart teachers have in abundance.

It’s often thought that the widely different styles of singing demand completely different teaching techniques, but the truth is that singing lessons from a good teacher will prepare the student to perform in any style he or she chooses. Correct use of breath, vocal support and articulation are habits and skills that are necessary to most vocal styles, and a great advantage to all. That’s not to say that a singer with sound fundamental technique will not need specialised training to excel at particular genres. This is particularly true of singers wanting to learn belting. Unsupervised attempts to learn belting have led to singers causing permanent damage, repairable only with surgery, to their vocal apparatus.

Aspiring a singers are in a somewhat similar position. Their art demands an ability, unamplified, to reach the back of a large audience to deliver music of great dynamic range. Learning to sing opera requires years of very careful study, expert singing lessons and practice, and many a young voice is “ruined” for opera by premature attempts to perform work for which they are not yet physically prepared.

If you or you are looking for dedicated singing lessons Perth, than ring now to arrange a trial lesson with the Hills School of Music.

  • Lessons available Monday to Saturday in Midland. 
  • Lessons are available for children, teenagers and adults.
  • We cater for most styles and levels.
  • All lessons are conducted on an individual basis. This means the tutor can move at your speed and cater for your personal needs. 
  • All tutors have Working With Children Cards. 
  • Examinations can be prepared for but are optional. 

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