The ability to play the piano is one of the most useful accomplishments a musician can have, in Perth or the world beyond. Even a modestly trained pianist will find innumerable uses for the skills they learn in their piano lessons. At an early stage in a child’s development, piano lessons need to be fun, so that he/she doesn’t become bored, or impatient with learning. That’s why our kids piano lessons here in Perth are based on fun just as much as learning. The keyboard as we know it has a long history, going back nearly a thousand years, during which time it has controlled a variety of instruments ranging from the pipe organ through the various kinds of harpsichord and the modern piano to the electronic keyboard. All require different techniques to master, and good keyboard teachers’ lessons will use the technique likely to be most useful for the student’s musical ambitions.

Throughout musical history, piano lessons have been an essential, and sometimes a predominant source of income for many of the world’s most famous composers. JS Bach famously wrote his Well Tempered Clavier for instructional purposes, writing preludes and fugues for all of the 24 keys. Beethoven’s famous Fur Elise was written for a piano student with whom he was in love, and a lesser composer such as Ignaz Moscheles could play his part in musical history not just by writing a fine body of music himself, but by giving piano lessons to a 15 year old Felix Mendelssohn, and being amongst the first to acknowledge his potential for greatness.

Keyboard instruction has such a long history that it has naturally developed in a variety of directions, meaning that Perth musicians looking for piano lessons can find a teacher at Music Mart who will teach them the style they need. Music Mart offers piano lessons to all, from rank beginners upwards. We cater for most styles, and by arrangement will prepare students for examinations. To cater for the individual needs of each student, our lessons are all one on one. We give lessons to children, teenagers and adults, and our tutors all have Working With Children cards. Our piano lessons are available at our Midland studios from Monday to Saturday.

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  • Lessons available Monday to Saturday in Midland.
  • Lessons are available for children, teenagers and adults.
  • We cater for most styles and levels.
  • All lessons are conducted on an individual basis. This means the tutor can move at your speed and cater for your personal needs. 
  • All tutors have Working With Children Cards. 
  • Examinations can be prepared for but are optional. 

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