Discovering Your Music – 5 Best Music Instruments for Beginners To Start With

Looking to learn a musical instrument? Great! Regardless of your age, it's never too late and never too early to start learning one. So if you're aspiring to become the next Jimi Hendrix or the next Beethoven, here are 5 instruments you can start learning as a newbie.


If you're a newbie looking to learn a musical instrument or if you want to encourage your child to start learning one, the violin might be a great option to start with. Apparently, violins are pretty easy to learn, and children as young as 3 years old can begin learning to play one as a hobby. Violins come in a number of sizes, catering to all sorts of different age groups. Though violins are reasonably easy to play, you're still going to need lots of practice, apart from being passionate about playing the instrument. Besides, unlike guitars, violins do not have frets, and so, eye-ear coordination is extremely vital. Oh and yes, being a beginner, you might want to opt for a non-electric violin, since it is more simple and convenient to learn.


When it comes to sound, there aren't many instruments out there that sound as beautiful as a piano. One of the most versatile instruments from all musical instruments out there, a piano is definitely a tad difficult to master, but once you do, you would have learnt one of the most soothing instruments ever. Even though adults can begin learning the piano regardless of their age, the best bet is to begin learning piano as a child. Children as young as 3 years enrol for piano lessons these days. True, traditional pianos do cost quite a bomb, but these days you can easily lay your hands on a number of affordable alternatives. There are lots of synthesizers and electronic pianos in the market, which sound as good as a real piano, and cost less.


Owing to the insane growth of rock and pop music over the years, guitar has become one of the most popular and the most sought after instrument these days. Playing the guitar is considered to be so cool that right from toddlers, to school kids, to adults, everyone wants to learn it. What's more, guitars are extremely affordable, especially acoustic guitars, and can come in different shapes and sizes to suit any need. If you are a beginner just starting out, remember to opt for an acoustic guitar instead of an electronic guitar. Don't let the style and spunk of an electronic guitar tempt you – save it for later, once you master the instrument.


If you are a newbie looking to learn a new instrument, the flute is yet another interesting option you could consider. Flutes are quite popular and children as young as 10 can start learning how to play it. The flue is not only one of the easiest instruments to learn, but is also very convenient to transport, and is extremely fun to play! What's more, it's not hard on your budget!

Drum Set

Looking for a great new hobby for your hyperactive kid? Want an amazing way to vent out all that excess energy inside you? Interested in learning a new instrument? If yes, how about turning your attention towards a drum set? Playing the drums is definitely one of the most expressive forms of music. And plus, playing the drums is extremely fun!