5 Wonderful Facts About Music That Scientists Have Discovered

Music has always been an integral part of our lives for generations now, so much so that every culture around the world has their own version of traditional music. Even though music has changed so much in the past decades, it still continues to be a very important part. Music affects people in many ways. Some listen to music to relax, some get inspired by it, and some feel better because of it. Scientists have done extensive research on music and how it affects us. Here are some of the discoveries they made.

Boosts Your Creativity

A person who relies on their creativity for work purposes knows how difficult it is sometimes to do any work. They do everything they can to get their creative juice flowing and music is often one of them. Researchers have found out that music is directly related to our cognitive ability and people who listen to music are more creative and productive. Earlier it was believed that listening to classical music, especially Mozart, improved our cognitive skills. However, recent developments have proved that any music that is personally enjoyed can also boost our cognitive skills.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Studies conducted by scientists have confirmed that music significantly reduces heart rate and calms the blood pressure and respiratory rate. In simple words, it reduces stress and anxiety in people. Slow, quiet classical musical is known to tremendously relax our mind and body. There have also been studies conducted with specific people like pregnant women and patients who are going through surgeries and the result showed that soothing music helped them relax. Upbeat music can also help ward off stress as it takes our mind off the troubles. That means feel free to pump up the volume next time you feel stressed out.

Music Helps You Exercise

So not only does music help you mentally, it also helps you to be physically fit. How it helps us exercise is when we are listening to music, the music demands attention. Therefore, whenever our brain sends out messages of fatigue, music overrides these signals. Studies have also shown that the tempo of the music you are listening to greatly influences how hard you workout. Different genres have different tempos. Therefore, if we choose the genre properly, it will be easier to get your workout routine in sync with your music.

Choice of Music Can Predict Personality

Although there hasn’t been an extensive research on this particular topic, a few studies that were conducted showed that the type of music a person listens to reflect their personality. The result showed that people who listen to Blues have high esteem, creative, gentle, and are at ease. Whereas, someone who listens to rock/heavy metal has a low self-esteem, isn’t hardworking or outgoing, but is creative and gentle. Likewise, the study was done with other genres of music and the results were quite remarkable.

Takes Away Bad Mood

Everyone has their own choice of music and whenever we listen to the music we love, it releases dopamine, a chemical in our brain that makes us feel good. We listen to music for various reasons. Whether it’s listening to music after a long day or to wash out negative feelings, music will help you achieve a better mood.

Overall, music does wonders to our mind and body. Therefore, if you have always wanted to take up piano lessons or go to a concert, you might as well do it.