A Beginner's Guide to Guitars: What Types Are Available?

There are a lot of different guitar types available, ranging from acoustic to classical and even electric styles.


But, what’s the difference?


To help you decide which type is right for you, we run through the basics of each style.


Acoustic Guitars

Most acoustic guitars online are available with two kinds of strings, steel and classical. The classical wide neck one makes use of nylon strings, while the steel string varieties create a more metallic sounding noise that can be composed of different sounds for varying music genres. Acoustic guitars are also usually hollow on the inside, which allows them to produce deeper tones. Acoustic guitars are perfect for strumming and are a popular choice for country musicians.


Electric Guitars

Used mostly for jazz and rock, electric guitars are also suitable for blues or pop music. You can increase the sound and bass levels of your electric guitar if you plug it into a high-voltage amplifier. Amplification will add a metallic sounding volume and will make the sound last longer. The strings of an electric guitar are also quite different to acoustic styles, as they usually have thinner strings.


Bass Guitars

Our bass guitars here in Perth are one of the more popular guitar types. Characterised by wide and thick strings, bass guitars can produce an array of different notes. There are two types of bass guitars, the electric bass and the acoustic one. Most bass guitars come with four strings, but you can sometimes add a fifth and sixth one.


Classical Guitars

Also known as a Spanish guitar, this instrument originated in, you guessed it, Spain! Constructed from wood and equipped with a large sound box that’s installed in the lower part of the guitar, its design has been made with the female torso in mind, making it suitable for both male and female musicians.  


Once upon a time they were made with gut strings, however, most modern versions of the classical guitars we sell online are made with nylon strings. These strings produce a calmer and sweeter sound that is perfectly suited for playing classical music. 


Whether you’re looking to purchase a guitar, either online or from our Perth-based store, or want to sign up for acoustic guitar lessons in Perth, contact Music Mart today. We can also answer any further questions you have about the full range of guitars we have on offer.