5 Reasons You Should Learn to Play the Drums

If you’re thinking about learning the drums but you’re not quite sure whether it’s worthwhile or not, read on! We look at why playing the drums is a good use of your time.


Drumming can Improve Cognitive Function

Links have been made connecting drumming with improved cognitive function. Stanford University researched what effect 20 minutes of rhythmic music would have on teenage boys suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. As it turns out, the musical therapy led to a boost in the participants IQ scores, while also improving their concentration.


According to Howard Russell, one of the clinical psychologists involved in the study, our brains are usually locked into a particular level of functioning, but if we slow down or speed up our brainwave activity, it becomes easier for the brain to switch speeds as needed.


Further research is required on the matter, but experts are suggesting that musical therapy, such as playing the drums regularly, can help improve brainwave activity.


It Encourages Social and Creative Development

Playing the drums, as with most musical activities, helps to break down cultural barriers and connect you with like-minded people. Whether you meet new people by taking up drum lessons or join a band, music is a global language that can help you forge meaningful, long-term relationships.


Playing the Drums Helps Improve Fitness and Wellbeing

Being physically fit makes playing the drums a lot easier, which acts as a great motivator for people who love to drum, but need to work on their fitness. However, drumming is also a great way to keep active, as it keeps your arms and legs moving, your heart rate up, and can help improve hand eye coordination, much like exercise can.


It Combats Stress, Depression and a Host of Neurological Conditions

Recent research undertaken by Dr. Barry Bittman from the Mind, Body Wellness Centre in Pennsylvania has found that drumming offers relaxation benefits by lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.


Even more notable, however, is that his results suggest drumming can help alleviate serious neurological conditions. Research into this field is ongoing, but experts are starting to believe that playing musical instruments, such as the drums, offers a number of therapeutic benefits to sufferers of neurological conditions.


Playing the Drums is Fun!

Most importantly, playing the drums is fun! If you’ve always dreamt of being in a band, or love music and would love to get more involved in it, there’s nothing better than learning an instrument, like the drums.


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