Your 2018 Music Resolutions Sorted

Have you been talking about learning to play an instrument for ages but have never quite gotten around to doing it?


Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for one of your kids this Christmas, but don’t want to stuff their stocking with just any old toy. Well, this year for Christmas why not give the gift of learning a new skill?


The New Year is the perfect time to make new goals for bettering yourself, or for giving your children the tools they need to work towards a brighter, happier future. Here at Music Mart, we make this goal easy by offering first-class tuition for students who are ready to pick up a musical instrument and make music a part of their life.


Music Lessons with Music Mart


At Music Mart, we offer tuition with the following instruments:


-       Acoustic guitars

-       Clarinets

-       Drums

-       Flutes

-       Saxophones

-       Trombones

-       Violins

-       Bass guitars

-       Classic guitars

-       Electric guitars

-       Pianos and keyboards

-       Trumpets


We also offer singing lessons for students that want to fine-tune their vocal chords and make beautiful, natural music that comes straight from the heart.


Lessons are available most days of the week in convenient Perth locations like Midland and Mundaring, and aren’t limited to just children – our music lessons can be tailored to meet the needs of students of all ages. From children to teenagers and adults, we can cater to most styles and learning levels. In fact, learning to play an instrument can be highly valuable in terms of intellectual, creative and emotional development for people of all ages. You can read more about this in our post, “It’s Never too Late to Learn an Instrument.” 


As you or your child progresses through the learning process, your tutor will adapt their teaching method to suit your needs and your method of learning. We can even arrange for exams to be completed if you would like, however, they’re not compulsory in the learning and assessment process.


Want to start learning how to play the instrument of your choice today? Contact the team at Music Mart and ask us about our music lessons – we can’t wait to work with you.