Why Should You Learn Multiple Musical Instruments?

Music is the key to the soul. What makes music even sweeter is the use of multiple instruments in harmoniously. Learning a musical instrument helps you understand how to make music. It is a fun experience and you will definitely enjoy every minute of it. Is it possible to learn several musical instruments? Yes, it is possible to learn multiple musical instruments. It all depends on your interest and commitment to practice. Perfection in musical instruments comes with practice. If you learn how to play several musical instruments, you will have more opportunities in the musical world than ever. Here is why. 

A firm grasp of musical theory

You can look at it this way. A student who is simply learning to play a single musical instrument has the basic concept of musical theory such as harmonies and bass vs. treble clef among others. Learning several musical instruments offers you a chance to put the theory into practice. For instance, learning how to play a cornet and baritone horn gives you a chance to perfect your skills in reading both the bass and treble clef. In addition, you will have an idea of using counter-melodies. Therefore, you can move from one instrument to another depending on what you like. 

Improving current skills and knowledge


Moving from one musical instrument to another allows you to build on the current knowledge and skills that you possess. For instance, taking a saxophone after learning a clarinet helps you to apply your current musical knowledge, which makes learning easier for the other musical instrument. 

New instrument groups

You need to learn several musical instruments to open up new instrument groups. This is particularly the case when dealing with musical instruments such as tenor sax and trombone. It feels great when you add a new musical instrument to your repertoire. It gives you the aspiration to become a musical professional. It also enhances the skills that will be needed in your profession. 

Additional professional options

If you are aspiring to be a music professional, learning several musical instruments goes a long way to make you better in your field. The ability to understand how a particular musical instrument is played is one thing and picking it up and playing it is another. In that case, you have higher chances of finding a job with full-orchestra if you choose to be a strings specialist rather than just a mere violin or cello player. 

More options in a band or orchestra

Learning to play multiple musical instruments in Perth offers you a chance to be able to fill out in an orchestra or band. If you think about it, a person who plays several instruments is considered a valuable asset in a band. This is because if someone playing a certain instrument is missing due to reasons such as illness, he can easily fill out for him. 

There are numerous merits that come with learning how to play multiple musical instruments. If you have the passion, explore your musical potential by learning different musical instruments. Over time, you will be able to enjoy most of these benefits.