What Are The Best Band Instruments For First-Time Music Learners?

Just like everybody, you too have your favourite band and you love listening to the music they make whether it is recorded or live. You may admit it or not, but you secretly wish that you are one of the band members and have an instrument that you can play with. It's not too late because nobody is too old to learn how to play a band instrument. When thinking to invest in these instruments, you can consider choosing from the best band or musical instruments that are recommended for beginners.


If you want the easiest string instrument to play, you can invest in a guitar then enrol in a guitar lesson class. This is the easiest way for you to learn because picking up a few chords on a guitar can be learned in a short duration of time. An entire song can be played with just 2-3 simple chords and that can be usually done after the first lesson. There are various types of guitars to choose from but as a beginner, it is always suitable to start with the classical type. With its nylon strings that are easy on the fingers, you can use this until you can get used to it. As you progress with your newly acquired passion, you can shift to a more complex variety as that of an electric or acoustic guitar.


This is fairly easy to learn that even children as young as 6 years of age can easily grasp its chords. They come in different sizes and you can base your choice on your grade level (this is your level in learning to play the instrument). If you are a newbie, a good option would be a traditional type and again, as you progress, you can shift to a more advanced type.


A band will not be complete without a drum. If you love the beat and rhythm of a percussion instrument, by all means get a drum and start banging your way up. At first you'll be sounding off beat but remember that practice makes perfect. You can begin with a congo drum, a tabla or bongos.


This too is a fun way to begin a band because it has lots of tones to choose from. If this is your choice of instrument, there are factors to consider before you put your cash into it because you need to be specific. One thing to remember if you plan to use a keyboard as a tool to learn how to play the piano, purchase a digital piano. This is also a common choice for an acoustic pianist. Check its features. Keys should be lighter on the treble and heavier as it shifts to bass. Test it first. If your fingers feel tired after a while, this would mean that the keyboard action is heavy.

If you plan to be a songwriter, a composer or even if you're planning to join a live band, get a workstation or arranger keyboard. This has backing tracks and a number of voices. Other features are a metronome, USB, and a floppy disc. Its various controls should be visible enough and its interface should be easy to use.

These are but some of the basic musical instruments to include in your list if you intend to start your journey through being a band member. You can choose from what is available in our catalogue.