Welcome to Music Mart The Hills School of Music
Welcome to Music Mart. Are you looking to start playing music or maybe just updating your instrument then we are the place to be. Music mart specialises in catering for music instruments under $3500.00. If you are looking for a Guitar, Amplifier, Brass or Woodwind instruments, Keyboard, Digital Piano. a Drum Kit or maybe a Violin. This is a sample of the range of instruments available. Music Mart has some great brands including Fender, Ibanez, Gretsch, Maton, Yamaha, Cort, SX, Tama, DXP, Roland, Casio, Laney, Mega, Zoom, Paiste, Saiban, Boss, Takamine, Lag and Alhambra just to mention a few. Perhaps you are looking for a music book or tuition book, a set of strings or drumsticks, Yes! we have a large range of print music and accessories for most instruments. 

Music tuition is available for Guitar (most styles), Bass Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Drum Kit, Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet through our music school 'The Hills School of Music'. Tuition is available for children, teenagers and adults in most styles and standards.
Please email tuition@musicmart.com.au for further information.
Music for the whole family