The Thin Line Between Music And Mental Health

Rise with music

Imagine if the sun announced itself in the sky every morning like a sudden glow of a strong, giant floodlight, or if every morning started with a massive, sonic thud. The experience would certainly be a bad one. It would be more or less like waking up to a buzzing harsh alarm. Simply consider being kinder and nicer to yourself. Wake up to a tender piece of music that can set off your day on a high note and put you in good moods. If you have a violin, play it. If you have a guitar, strum it. If you have piano, play soft keys. If you have a flute, blow it. Like already said, it is all about starting your day in a good mood.

Sing with music

Make this your daily medicine. It will go a long way to improve your mental health. This should be simple for guitar and piano players as they can allow one to sing as they play them. By singing, you will easily shift the variation of your thoughts. In the end, your body will benefit from steady breathing rhythms. One good way of executing this plan is to identify a few simple songs you like. Then sing the songs as you play your favorite instrument. The end result will be your polished vocals, and refinement of playing your musical instrument.

Reprogram with music

The human brain is built with a negative bias. This is mainly because of man’s natural need for self-preservation and survival. That explains why the brain has more neurons wholly dedicated to respond to negative thoughts than positive ones. Humans therefore tend to hold on to negative thoughts longer and repeat or rather act on such thoughts.

As such, it becomes hard for one to pull himself out of a stressful situation without the use of an effective form of therapy. That is exactly where musical instruments come into the picture. By playing an instrument, the brain is trained to relax and repeat positive affirmations. This happens because the brain slowly focuses on assuring thoughts as one plays an instrument. The brain is therefore reprogramed in a simple way.

Observe as much as you can

This is simple. There is so much one can learn just from watching other musical masters play different instruments. You can learn new chords or even master a new set of keys. All you need to do is to spend time with music masters or observe what they do. You can do this in your music school or even set up a music club.