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Music Mart is not only Perth’s leading Musical instrument retailer but also Perth's premier music tuition provider!


Since the inception of Music Mart in 1984, our single purpose has been to provide students of all ages in Perth with the finest musical instrument hire and access to our city’s best tutors and teachers! We cater to all ages, whether you are learning for your enjoyment if it a new years resolution, 13 years old or 80 years old. We have programmes that suit all ages, instruments and styles of playing. 


Music Mart’s impressive roster of expert and experienced tutors have incredible knowledge of the instruments and genres- with teaching and tuition programmes offered from early childhood to late-stage learners! Our motto is; no one is too young, or too old! 


You may have doubts about your ability to pick up music, perhaps you feel you are too old to learn? Trust us, this is never true. Perhaps you think you should have started years ago? There’s no better time than right now. 


See our list of musical tuition offerings below: 



Music lessons for kids


Music Mart has a wide range of experienced music teachers that create a great environment for children to learn to play music! We aim to create and foster the perfect environment for your child to learn to play. 


It’s one thing getting them to’s much harder to get them to practice their skills at home and keep them playing well into adulthood. Our tutors are well placed to create a teaching environment in which your child will enjoy learning, and establish skills they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 


Active participation and meaningful engagement in learning to sing, perform or to play a musical instrument help to train your child’s brain to focus, concentrate and stay on-task not only during their lesson but in in the classroom and other activities.


Children who study music from an early age also learn that there are rewards from hard work, practice, and discipline; important skills for accomplishing anything in life.


Your child will be filled with a sense of accomplishment after mastering a song, difficult chord, or instrument and strengthens confidence and self-expression.

Playing a musical instrument also develops fine motor skills.


Most of all though, playing music, singing and performing make you feel happy! Few pleasures compare to sitting down with your instrument or raising your voice in song and letting your feelings flow through a musical piece.


The benefits of a musical education will last a lifetime!

The gift of music never stops giving. Aside from the happiness gained from learning to express themselves through music, music lessons offer so many benefits that will enhance a student’s life:

  • Focus and self-discipline

  • Improved creativity

  • Enhanced learning skills

  • Added self-confidence

  • Better hand-eye coordination and motor skills

  • Social skills


Music Mart Offers Superior Tuition in Perth. 

Details of our instrumental tuition and teaching programmes (see below):


  • Lessons available Monday to Saturday in Midland and Thursday in Mundaring. 

  • Lessons are available for children, teenagers and adults. 

  • We cater for most styles and levels.

  • All lessons are conducted on an individual basis. This means the tutor can move at your speed and cater to your personal needs. 

  • All tutors have Working With Children Cards. 

  • Examinations can be prepared for but are optional. 

If you're looking to start learning your dream instrument, or if you want to get your child excited about learning theirs, get in touch with the team of experts at Music Mart today!