How Well Do You Know The Percussion Instruments?

There are many kinds of musical instruments that you can consider if you want to try your luck in this field. One category that is highly famous is the percussion. If there is one statement that completely describes what this musical instrument is all about that will be the fact that this is any instrument that can be played by shaking, banging or striking. In order to appreciate percussions even better, read on.

Percussion instruments come in different varieties

Percussion is just the general term for the many instruments under its list. Examples of such instruments include drums, maracas and tambourine. These instruments are made from different kinds of materials and variations wise, there are different ranges of sounds expected in each type of instrument.

It is the oldest type of musical instrument ever created

Percussion instruments, before they even came with that name, are the very first instruments any person in history could have played. This is due to the fact that it is quite easy to find an object that anyone can play with and produce sound from. Banging two objects together can also be an easy way to create a percussion-sounding instrument. If you try to imagine the many things around you, from the water glasses to kitchen utensil covers, you can easily have your own percussion instrument.

The timpani is the only percussion instrument used in classical orchestras


Otherwise known as kettle drums, the timpani is that percussion instrument commonly seen in orchestras that came into existence in the 19th century. The timpani is a drum that has a large body which is made either from fiberglass or copper. Usually, in these orchestras you will see several timpani instruments (about two to three at the very least). The reason for this is because one timpani percussion instrument can only produce a single note. If you have at least two of this instrument, you can produce different notes via a number of timpanis in the orchestra.

Symphony orchestras made use of other percussion instruments aside from the timpani

Whilst the timpani has been the only percussion seen in classical orchestras, a different scenario is seen in symphony orchestras. In such type of orchestra, you can see a whole lot of other percussion instruments from cymbals and tambourines to glockenspiels, xylophones and triangles. Other types of drums are also present in such orchestras. In this regard, percussion players are expected to be skilled with playing many different types of percussion instruments.

It is with no doubt that percussion instruments are worth giving a try

They can be played as simple as the way you see them but of course, you may need to be skilled in a particular instrument to be called a percussion player. But never forget that learning to play one is definitely worth a try. Whether it is the triangle or the glockenspiel that you want to try playing or the maracas that you want shaking, you will surely have a fun time being introduced to these musical instruments in Perth if you drop by our shop!