How To Take Care Of Your Musical Instrument
There is a plethora of musical instruments out there in the market and so the methods and tips for maintaining them and taking care of your priced possessions can vary. However, there are still some general tips that everyone should know if they want to keep their musical instruments in a good condition. Below are some of the basic and most important tips of taking care of these acoustic toys:

Extreme temperature

People living in countries having sudden spikes in temperature should watch out for really one tip. Protect the instrument from extreme variations in temperature, direct sunlight and humidity.  As clichéd as it sounds the standing instructions are to store in a cool, dry place. In extreme cold make sure to warm your instrument as in physically before you start practicing. 

Be wary on who is handling the instruments

As musical instruments come with a pretty hefty price tags it is best not to let every tom, dick and harry handle them. People have a habit of fiddling with instruments when they are lying unattended. Try your best to make sure that laymen don’t lay their hands on to your priced possession by keeping them at a separate place. However, if by sheer bad luck your piece gets damaged, get it repaired first thing in the morning. One best way to stop people from picking them up is to buy appropriate covers for them. 

Observe different care tips for different instruments

•    Wind instruments

Wind instruments, a.k.a. the saxophones, flutes and its likes need special care as well. These are intricate instrument and therefore come with their specific set of instructions. The most import one is cleanliness. The biggest problem is that these types of instruments gather moisture from the air that is blown into them and are prone to cracking and festering fungus. 

Since one has to use ones mouth on these instruments, it is best to rinse your mouth and clean the instrument before and after use. This way you will not blow any bad smell or food particles into them and not risk infections in your mouth.  Periodically clean the interior with swabs and wipe down the exterior regularly.

Furthermore, when physically handling the pieces make sure to never pick them up by the screws and only by the ends. Tighten screws and joints regularly. Take your instrument to professional cleaner and repair person once in a while. 

•    Brass instruments

Brass instruments like trombone and trumpets and their brass counterparts are relatively easier to care for and handle. 

•    Key instruments

Key instrument just require one type of care. Keep the keys protected when not in use. Protect from dust and over stress. 

•    String instruments

There are no general care instructions for string instruments. Cleanliness is generally very important for these well. Keep your instrument speck and span and dust free. A fresh coat of polish or lacquer is strongly recommended for wood pieces. It is important to replace your strings regularly but that can be tricky as it needs to be done one at a time.

Musical instruments are an investment. They can even appreciate in value over time and it pays to keep them in perfect condition so you can get a good price if ever want to trade them for money down the road