How To Buy A Bass Guitar For The First Time

Ever thought of adding something special to your personal list of skills? Escape doing anything mundane and hype yourself up at the thought of doing something you have never tried in your life. Here it is! Whether you have decided to learn how to play a musical instrument for the first time or switching from an instrument that you may have gotten slightly bored of, you should try out the bass guitar. However, the next question comes, what features should you look out for when purchasing your first bass guitar?


The most important factor you should look for in your first bass guitar is definitely the feel. To whomever out there, trying to get a bass guitar for the first time should start to Google for relevant information to get a basic idea of which brand and series of bass guitar; material of the guitar; type of neck and etc.

The reason why you need to research before you set foot into a local store to get your first experience with bass guitar is because you will be the only one who knows and understands your expectations, needs and wants. It is very common for beginners to buy whatever the salesman offers without having any clue over the bass guitar other than its looks.

After this, it’s time to visit a few local stores to try out the bass guitar. It is very important to try out especially for a first-timer because trying out is the only way to get a feel of the guitar for its fret board, different kind of wood tones and the different stringed bass guitars.


It is of utmost importance that you should not spend too much on your first bass guitar! The reason is because many people who tried getting a musical instrument would understand that the first is always for you to try out something new. Nobody is here to judge you, saying you may give up right after you have purchased a new bass guitar but to think otherwise, once you upgrade to a better and more expensive bass guitar, you can sell off the cheaper guitar more easily.

In addition, great brands like Gibson, Fender or Ibanez have a variety of series, meaning you have different qualities and prices to choose from. One of the most important things you should keep in mind is that cheap instruments does not equal to bad or lousy instruments.

Pickups (Passive or active)

Pickups of a bass guitar are categorised as active pickups and passive pickups. One of the main differences is that active pickups require the use of batteries while passive do not. Passive pickups tend to have a fuller and brighter tone. Active pickups use a pre-amplifier which gives you more control over its tone that comes out of your bass. Their sound tends to be brighter and clearer.


• 4-string basses are good for smaller hands.

• Recommended type of material: Maple. Maple is a type of wood that is very dense, and it produces a bright and crisp tone with phenomenal sustain. That makes such a guitar very suitable for beginners who are just starting out.

• Neck: Bolt-on neck design is more common for beginners as it is often cheaper than the other designs.

• Pickups: For beginners, you will probably be fine choosing either active or passive pickups.

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