Give the Gift of Music This Mother's Day

They give birth to us, they look after us, and they love us in a way nobody else does, so they definitely deserve a day to get spoilt!

Finding a gift that tells your mum just how much you care is no easy feat, but if they’re musically inclined, you can’t look past an instrument!

Whether your mum is a hard-core drummer, a bit of a pianist, or loves to play a few chords on her guitar, we’ve got the perfect gift for you!

For the Mum That’s New to Music

Music Lessons

Most of us love to listen to music, but haven’t necessarily thought about learning to play an instrument ourselves. But, it’s never too late to start!

Does your mum have a beautiful singing voice that deserves to be heard somewhere other than the shower? Perhaps she loves jazz and has always wanted to learn how to play a saxophone, but never had the chance… Whatever her passion, music lessons with Music Mart will allow her to explore her musical interests in a nurturing environment.

Plus, as we discussed in our blog ‘It’s Never too Late to Learn an Instrument’, adults are often better equipped to learn a musical instrument than their younger counterparts.

An Instrument

Choosing a musical instrument is a very personalised experience. As much as you may want to give your mum a wonderful surprise by handpicking the instrument she’s always wanted to play, it could be worth spending some time shopping with her instead.

Let her eyes wander across the different types of instruments on display, including keyboards and pianos, drums and percussion, and our great selection of orchestral instruments.

Chances are, she probably already knows what type of instrument she would like, so your shopping trip will be more to let her get a feel for the instruments. She might come across half a dozen drums, but only one will be right for her.

What could be better than giving your mum an instrument to ignite her unlit passion?

For the Mum That’s Already a Musician

If your mum is lucky enough to have spent her life exploring her passion for music there are still plenty of gift options available. While she probably already has an instrument and might not have much need for music lessons, she might love some new print music or some recording equipment.

Another great gift idea is an amplifier. We have a huge selection available for guitars, keyboards and vocalists.

If you’re shopping on a budget, you can also check out our selection of accessories for all of our instruments.

Check out our great range of instruments and equipment online, or visit us in store to shop for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.