Can Musical Instruments Make A Good Investment For Your Kid?

Music has a positive physiological effect on all people, enthusiasts and haters alike. Note only this, regularly listening to music even makes people smarter. How so, you might ask. Well, while listening to music engages the brain in some pretty interesting activities, playing musical instruments is the brain’s equivalent of full body workout as it stimulates it like no other activities put together.

Playing musical instruments and music itself has been found to increase the activity and volume in the brain’s copus callosum, which is the bridge between the two brain hemispheres. This is ends up allowing messages to get across the brain quicker and through diverse routes. This is one of the main reasons you will find kids or even adults that take regular music lessons or play instruments being better problem solvers and more innovative, in both social settings and academic.

Here are some personal reasons why we think musical instruments in Perth make a good investment for your kid or even for yourself.

It's a great stress reliever

When your kid is learning and playing a musical instrument, he or she gets lost in the flow, a state of mind that that has been proven to increase his or her overall happiness. This is a great way to take a break from the normal and often boring day to day activities. When the child is playing the instrument, his mind is too occupied to think about anything else, something that greatly improves his or her concentration abilities.

It's a low-cost pastime

Apart from the initial instrument purchase cost and some few lessons, you probably won’t need to spend anything else so as to enjoy playing your favourite musical instrument. Once you get the basics, you learn everything else on the way or through the internet for free. Because the instrument belongs to you all, the kids can play it for hours on end without being disrupted or being told to stop. Once they have learned a trick, they go on to the next one, until they are experts at whatever it is they are learning.

It's a great way for your kid to earn some pocket money

If you or your kid gets good at playing a particular musical instrument, both of you might teach others how to play, earning some extra cash while at it. The kid might not be the best player or be able to teach advanced playing, but he or she certainly could almost teach beginners. For those who want to try busking, playing a musical instrument can also give you an alternative source of income.

Musical instruments help kids to develop other skills

When learning to play a given musical instrument, there are two things that are two main keys to becoming successful. These are discipline and patience. Having built these skills, you or your kid can successfully translate them to all aspects of life. For kids, patience is normally a big deal and they can’t wait to get on with another seemingly interesting activity. As there is no way to fast track his or her musical skills other than repeated practice, he will eventually have to become disciplined so as to be successful.