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    Digital Pianos

    Digital Pianos

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    • Yamaha YDP144 Digital Piano

      Yamaha YDP144 Digital Piano



      Stock No: YDP144
    • Yamaha YDPV240 Digital Piano

      Yamaha YDPV240 Digital Piano



      Stock No: ydp-v240
    • Yamaha P45 Portable Digital Piano

      Yamaha P45 Portable Digital Piano



      Stock No: P45
    • Yamaha YDP164 Digital Piano

      Yamaha YDP164 Digital Piano



      Stock No: YDP164B
    • Yamaha P-255 Portable Digital Piano

      Yamaha P-255 Portable Digital Piano



      Stock No: P255B
    • Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano CLP625

      Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano CLP625



      Stock No: CLP625
    • Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano CLP675

      Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano CLP675



      Stock No: CLP675
    • Yamaha P125 Portable Digital Piano

      Yamaha P125 Portable Digital Piano



      Stock No: P125
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    Digital Pianos

    Music Mart stocks a range of digital pianos to suit virtually any need, from simple Casio’s to the more advanced Roland and Yamaha digital pianos. Digital pianos are big sellers here at Music Mart, probably due to their increasing popularity as a far cheaper, tune accurate and lighter option to that of a standard acoustic piano. Even still, you may be faced with the dilemma of choosing between an acoustic and a digital piano, and there is no one answer like most choices in life. So what are the differences and when is one more appropriate? Firstly lets start with the technical comparison between acoustic and digital pianos.

    What Is A Digital Piano?

    An ordinary piano uses hammers to strike down on strings, which vibrate and create the sounds of a piano we are probably all relatively familiar with. Whereas a digital piano uses the recorded sounds of a real piano and plays them through amplifiers and speakers to produce the equivalent sound required. The benefits of this means the sound will always remain true and no maintenance or tuning is required and the quality of digital pianos has improved to an incredibly natural sound. A digital piano involves less hand crafting of wood and working parts meaning it is both lighter and more affordable; and the better ones can be disassembled and packed away into the boot of a car. Most of the Roland and Yamaha digital pianos come with an inbuilt recording option, allowing the user to save music onto a usb and manage their compositions on a computer. Furthermore, digital pianos have a headphone jack, so you can play silently without disturbing others, particularly useful during the learning period.

    So there’s no doubt digital pianos come with a plethora of benefits, foremost for parents may be its price point, particularly as kids often loose interest. What’s more is its versatility for silent playing, moving, storage, recording and the multitude of alternate instrument recordings that can be used.

    You may be asking yourself ‘well what’s the difference between a cheap digital piano and an expensive one? Well apart from extra functions, it is typically related to the quality of the key and the mechanism beneath the key as well as the quality of the speakers and amplifiers - and to a lesser extent the quality of the pre recorded sounds. The better the key and the mechanism, the closer it feels to a real piano, which is considerably important – The same goes for the sound, the better the sound equipment, the closer it is going to sound like a real piano.

     Music Mart only stocks the most trusted brands – Casios, Hemingways, and of course stylish Roland digital pianos and highly advanced Yamaha digital pianos.

    To learn more about Music Marts range of online digital pianos, call 9250 2015 or email here for a quick reply.