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    Guitar Accessories

    Guitar Accessories

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    • Snark All Instrument Clipon Tuner

      Snark All Instrument Clipon Tuner

      Stock No: WSN8
    • Hercules Auto-grab Guitar Stand

      Hercules Auto-grab Guitar Stand



      Stock No: 05/GS415B
    • Guitarist Stool

      Guitarist Stool

      Stock No: GS614
    • Xtreme Ukulele Stand

      Xtreme Ukulele Stand

      Stock No: TV9640
    • Kealoha Ukulele Capo

      Kealoha Ukulele Capo

      Stock No: CCT-7
    • Guitarist's Foot Stool

      Guitarist's Foot Stool

      Stock No: t411
    • Nux Guitar Wireless System

      Nux Guitar Wireless System

      Stock No: NXB2
    • Xtreme iPad/Tablet Holder

      Xtreme iPad/Tablet Holder

      Stock No: AP25
    • Dunlop Trigger Style Capo - Electric

      Dunlop Trigger Style Capo - Electric

      Stock No: J87B
    • Dunlop Trigger Style Capo - Acoustic

      Dunlop Trigger Style Capo - Acoustic

      Stock No: J83CD
    • Boss TU10 Clip-on Tuner

      Boss TU10 Clip-on Tuner

      Stock No: TU10
    • BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

      BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner



      Stock No: TU3
    • Guitar Stand Single

      Guitar Stand Single

      Stock No: GS10
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    Guitar Accessories

    Accessories for guitars include guitar stands and racks, guitar straps, capos, leads and tuners. There is also a host of electronic accessories for electric guitars.


    clamp the strings of a guitar to one of its frets, raising the open-string pitch of all its strings by an equal interval. They allow guitarists to play in different keys with the same fingering. Capos vary in design, the simple strap on variety being cheap, but less easily manipulated than the many lever action designs on the market.

    Guitar stands

    guitarists use stands to hold their guitars ready for use. They must be light, strong, and provide a stable plinth on which to leave a guitar safely in a busy on-stage environment. We stock guitar stands in both single guitar and A-frame formats, as well as racks for 3 and 5 guitars.


    busy musicians need speaker leads which are robust, flexible and fast and easy to use. They must also have excellent electrical qualities, to ensure perfect signal quality. Music Mart stocks Hotline speaker leads in 5, 20 and 30 foot lengths.


    electronics have brought a bewildering number of tuning devices for instruments in general, and for guitars in particular. These range from simple devices that detect measure and display the pitch of a plucked string, comparing it to the desired pitch and displaying the difference, to complex racks used by professional tuners.

    At Music Mart we have a wide selection of tuners, to suit every pocket. From respected manufacturer Boss we have clip on tuners, and their new TU-88 Tuner, Metronome and Monitor. They also make the TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner. We also sell the Snark All Instrument Clip on Tuner, great value with all the features a working musician needs including transpose, pitch calibration and a display that rotates 360 degrees.

    To learn more about Music Mart’s range of guitar accessories, give us a call on 08 9250 2015 or send us an email enquiry.