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    Speaker, Amp and lighting Stands

    Speaker, Amp and lighting Stands

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    • Xtreme Amp Stand AM203

      Xtreme Amp Stand AM203

      Stock No: AM203
    • Xtreme iPad/Tablet Holder

      Xtreme iPad/Tablet Holder

      Stock No: AP25
    • Speaker Bag To Suit 15"

      Speaker Bag To Suit 15"

      Stock No: 604415


      Stock No: SLS82
    • CPK Lighting Stand

      CPK Lighting Stand

      Stock No: SLS83
    • CPK Lighting Stand

      CPK Lighting Stand

      Stock No: SLS70


      Stock No: SS290




      Stock No: SS265
    • Xtreme Amp Stand AM206

      Xtreme Amp Stand AM206

      Stock No: AM206
    • Hercules iPad/Tablet Holder DG305B

      Hercules iPad/Tablet Holder DG305B



      Stock No: 05/DG305B
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    Speaker Stands, Amp stands and Light Stands

    Putting on a successful show requires more than just fine musicians and fine instruments. A host of ancillary equipment must integrate with the activities of the artists – speaker stands, light stands and amp stands all have to play their part, as unobtrusively as possible, in the show.

    Electrified music has been with us now for the best part of three quarters of a century. During that time the amount of apparatus on stage has grown explosively, as the possibilities of electrical power were realised and exploited by generations of musicians. One side effect of this clutter of lights, effects and amps is to have turned the road manager’s job into a logistical tour de force, as he struggles with the complexities of disassembling the stage, moving it to the next venue and assembling it again. The job is only possible with cleverly designed apparatus, developed to give robust service yet be easy to adapt to the stage requirements and easy to put together and demount.

    As well as our fine inventory of musical instruments, Music Mart meets the need for stage equipment with a range of speaker stands, light stands and amp stands.

    Our speaker stand package, offering 75kgs load capacity for $149, is just the start. We also stock:

    Light Stands

    We carry a full range of lighting stands from CPK, starting with the $99 CPK Lighting Stand, carrying up to 4 cans, or 30kgs, and including the CPK Windup Lighting Stand, able to carry 8 cans and extending up to 280cms.

    Amp Stands

    Music Mart stocks the Australian company Xtreme’s range of amplifier stands. These robust stands make positioning your amps easy and quick. The range includes the AM206, a double braced, super-robust amp stand with a 30cm arm height.

    If you’d like to learn more about our speaker stands, light stands and amp stands, give us a call on (08) 9250 2015 or send an email enquiry.